waves of solidarity - the message
We are the Theodor -Heuss- Gymnasium school Youth Choir of Heilbronn. During a recent concert we performed “The Beauty of our World” a song by Freeze4u.

As we saw the images of the devastation caused by the Tsunami in Southern Asia, it was immediately clear to us that to stand around with sadness and regret would do nothing to help. Rather, we must do something! Thus was born the idea to send a song, filled with the message of Peace and Love, via Mp3 to a radio station, in order to call up the people to make donations and thus build solidarity. This radio station should pass the song and the call along to its neighbour and its neighbour, and so on, spreading the message and with it, the feeling of unity.

Our goal: To reach the radiostations of the countries which are affected by the tsunami.

Our song should bring the people consolation, but also hope and a new courage to face life. The message of the song is clear:
When we all work together, we can really make a difference.

In order to reach our goal we will need support. We ask for your help in making this dream become a reality, the dream that, united, we can help all the people who need it. And remembe, it could have been you or I, who had the misfortune of being on holiday where disaster struck. We would be the ones grateful for the others who reached out to help.

It is not only money which can help, but also the music and the sentiments expressed through the singing of certain songs which can help us TOGETHER
to reach out to the Tsunami victims!

We cannot wait to carry out this extraordinary project. We all want to help and such a campaign will be for all of the people in the affected areas more than just a message of sympathy. With it they will know that they are not alone. We have all been affected by the Tsunami and we have all grieved together, and the true victims there need to know this. Anyone who has ever lost a loved one knows how important support from others can be.

Please pledge your help! Support the wave of solidarity!

Please call us anytime for more information.


Sarah B.,
Hannah N.,
Anna B.
Fiona B.